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Energy Audit

Energy consumption is a matter of concern to organizations, licensing authority and the general public. It is through a proper energy audit that you can understand your energy requirements and save on cost. Before installation of any source of energy, consumers should be able to understand their electricity load levels to avoid wastage and save on cost of new power plant acquisitions. At Nolmoat, we have got you covered. We have a very professional team, licensed to help you manage electricity needs. Proper Energy audit will help our client focus on Return on Investment (ROI), adhere to the stipulated regulations, save on costs related to wastage and finally align their energy consumption to their strategic plan.

Types of energy audits that we undertake depending on the needs of our clients include:

  • Detailed Energy audit
  • Targeted Energy Audit
  • Preliminary Energy Audit

We focus on Building energy (Both Commercial and Residential) Audit, Industrial power Audit