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Green Energy (SOLAR)

Solar power is one of the most reliable and dependable sources of off-grid source of energy. Most organizations have embraced power because it has immensely assisted in lowering the carbon emission caused by other sources of energy. As proponents of green energy, we work towards ensuring that every homestead, and office buildings are connected to solar power. The initial stages of solar acquisition may be cost intensive but you will have to enjoy a return on Investment (ROI). We have a strong, professional team who are highly experiences to take you through:

  • Determination of load (Calculation of the amount of load to determine panels and Battery banks needed)
  • Solution Design
  • Solar power Acquisition
  • Installation and testing
  • Training clients on how this source of energy is operated
  • Maintenance

Why do we stand out?

We also offer asset financing for both large and small solar power plants (We will carry out a survey, agree on a payment plan, and proceed to install the off-grid power system at our cost). This has helped several organizations to adopt solar power and not to shy away from the initial cost of acquisition.
Solar installed by our team in different sites