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Accounting & Tax Services

An outsourced accounting and taxation function can significantly reduce your administrative and give you more time to concentrate on growing your business. Our team works to understand the dynamics of your organization so that your specific accounting and taxation needs are met. We will ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and that you meet reporting deadlines.


We establish a flawless link between the output of our services and daily business routine to ensure smooth business operations. We have identified the activities listed hereunder as some important business activities we can ably manage through outsourcing.

  1. Book-keeping/Accountancy
  2. Payroll Administration
  3. Preparation Management accounts
  4. Budgeting and cash flow projections
  5. Product/service costing and pricing
  6. Support in preparation for external audits
  7. Forensic Investigation and Audit

We recognize and appreciate the challenges met by our valued clientelle in this area and have in response constituted a Tax Consulting Unit to assist in scaling these taxation related issues. The ever changing tax regulatory regimes attributable to continual tax reforms have brought many tax challenges to businesses and other organizations. We assist our client to file their tax returns and further appreciate that it is not all about compliance, but also ensuring you minimize your tax liability within the tax laws and regulations and therefore help our client in tax planning.