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Real Estate Management

Property Management

With the understanding of the importance of property ownership, we involve honesty, integrity, utmost care, confidentiality and trustworthiness in our services to maintain a friendly business relationship with our clientelle. We manage commercial and residential properties within Nairobi and other regions within the republic of Kenya. We ensure our client gets access to substantial exposure and a pool of high quality tenants thus ensuring full occupancy of properties. Our model involves directing and supervising of property with the aim of securing returns defined as full management or partial management.

  • Full Management

With full management, the landlord hands overall management’s responsibilities to Nolmoat which includes getting new tenants and managing common utilities i.e. waste management, electricity bills, water bills, land rates, renovation of premises and supervision of workers. Nolmoat collects rent from tenants every end of the month then remits to the landlord less agreed commission.

  • Partial Management

In partial management, Nolmoat will act as rent collector and the rest of the property works are done under the supervision of the property owner/landlord.

Property Sales

This encompasses giving a proper coverage available properties for sale (land and buildings) in order for it to find a competitive price in the market. We ensure our clients get are linked to high potential customers thus reducing the lead time to close business deals and achieving better prices in the market.