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Business organizations have implemented various systems to aid in running of their processes. With digitization, automation and interconnection of various computing facilities, various software is introduced into the computing environments of business entities. The software and interconnection increase the surface of cyber security attacks. Researchers and malicious hackers continuously research on the weaknesses on both software, network equipment and other computing facilities. Hackers take advantage of the discovered weaknesses to launch successful cyber attacks on an entity’s computing resources compromising the integrity, confidentiality and or availability of these resources. We come in to ensure the weaknesses are determined before the hackers notice them and provide value adding recommendations on gap closure. Below are our key areas under the cyber security consulting arm;

  • Internal Infrastructure vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • External infrastructure vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Internal web application vulnerability assssment and penetration testing
  • External web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Simulation os social engineering attacks
  • Awareness creation among employees and other stakeholders.
  • General IT controls Audits
  • Application controls audits
  • Network device configurations review
  • Network archtecture reviews
  • Cyber maturity and IT governance review
  • Digital Forensics